This week we cover CSS performance, managing focus inside the shadow DOM, writing better regex, and more. Sounds good? Let's get to it!

Welcome to issue #06 👋 This week we cover CSS performance, managing focus inside the shadow DOM, writing better regex, and more. Sounds good? Let's get to it!

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  • React Spring v9.0.0 was released (Aleclarson)
  • SvelteKit is now in public beta (Svelte)
  • Node v15.12.0 was released (Nodejs)
  • Webpack v5.28.0 was released (Github)
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How to Improve CSS Performance

Milica Mihajlija goes over the common techniques of improving CSS performance. She starts by explaining the impact CSS has on the browser rendering process and what can be done to improve it. She shows how to load CSS asynchronously, how to optimize font loading, and advises not to worry about the speed of CSS selectors. 😲 8 minute read


How to Split an Array Into Even Chunks in Javascript

Abhilash Kakumanu covers the slice() and splice() array methods. He explains the underlying mechanisms, the parameters of each, and briefly the memory allocation process of both. He uses practical examples to make everything easier to grasp. 3 minute read


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Managing Focus in the Shadow Dom

Nolan Lawson goes through the intricacies of handling focus inside the shadow DOM. He explains the problem with practical examples and presents his solutions. He also goes through the dialog element's built-in focus trap and ends up the article with the statement "it's still early days for web components and shadow DOM". ☚ī¸ 8 minute read



The tool of the week is an ESLint plugin for regular expressions.

The goal of the plugin is to help both beginners and experts write better regular expressions by automatically pointing out errors and suggesting improvements. The plugin offers rules for possible errors, best practices, regex coding style, and more. 2 minute read


  • Chrome 90 will use https:// by default (Chromium)
  • Netlify will refactor their UI codebase to utility CSS, using Tailwind (Netlify)
  • Apple accepts Google and Samsung phones for their trade-in program (MacRumors)
  • You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin (Twitter)


Interview Advice That Got Me Offers From Google, Microsoft, and Stripe

Zain Rizvi shares the four strategies that helped him perform well in the interview room. He goes through things like communication, openness, and always being prepared. For each tip he also shares a personal story. For example, he shares how he unintentionally got an offer from Bloomberg. 9 minute read

And that was it for issue #06. I hope you have a bug-free week and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next one! Don't forget to share the newsletter with your friends!

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